University of Lahore

S.No Title Type Year Name Group-Name
1 Blasphemous video and Banning of YouTube in Pakistan: Exploring perception of University and Madaris Students in the mirror of Uses and gratification analysis" Journal 2016 Qazi Ali Abul Hassan
2 Representation of women and Pakistani Media: Mapping objectification phenomena in TV commercials Journal 2016 Qazi Ali Abul Hassan
3 Role of political talk show in creating political awareness among Pakistani youth: A case study of general elections 2013 Journal 2015 Dr. Noor Hayat Sargana
4 A comparative analysis of Pakistani English newspaper editorials the case of Talibans attack on Malala Yousafzai Journal 2016 Dr. Noor Hayat Sargana
5 Portrayal of Islam and Muslims in the Talk Shows of CNN and BBC Journal 2016 Dr. Noor Hayat Sargana
6 Psychological effects of TV News violence on Youth: a case study of Bahauddin Zakariya University Journal 2014 Qazi Ali Abul Hassan
7 Does Care and Overprotective Bonding Uniquely Contribute towards Aggression: A Correlational Study on Pakistani Young Adults Journal 2016 Arooj Arshad
9 Parental Bonding and Current Thought Processing of Adolescents in Relation to Their Experiences of Physical and Emotional Abuse Journal 2012 Arooj Arshad
10 Role of mass media, social media and interpersonal communication in creating awareness about women rights in Pakistan Conference 2016 Rabia Qusien
11 US foreign policy regarding war on terror: Pakistani press coverage Journal 2013 Rabia Qusien