University of Lahore

Postgraduate Diploma in

Mass Communication (PGDMC)

The School of Creative Arts, University of Lahore aims provide a unique “hands-on” experience to individuals who want to start their careers in Media & Broadcasting and gain technical hands on experience of the basics of this dynamic field.

Students will gain experience through real-world projects that help them understand roles and processes across a broad range of careers involving digital video. To simulate a professional work environment, students gradually migrate their video work from an individual process to a group process, focused on personal and client work. The assignments with their diverse approaches enable students to plan their communication to focus, evaluate and improve their skills.

At the end of the course the student will gain expertise in the following areas:

Project Research and Development

Project and Program Design

Production management and Team collaboration

Professional video& audio production, using Industry Standard video/audio tools



Candidates having 14-year education [BA/B.Sc./B.Com or equivalent Bachelor’s degree] from a recognized university/institute with  at least 45% marks or CGPA 2.00 out of 4 are eligible to apply.

Why this


The Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Multimedia offered by the School of Creative Arts, University of Lahore aims to 

Provide opportunities to students to participate in industry through placements and projects in field of all forms of media.

Provide up to date higher degree education in contemporary multimedia and communication theory, analysis and practice in the context.

Develop practical skills in current industry standard software.   

Broaden skills of students to enable participation in rapidly growing multimedia-related fields 

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr# Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
1 PGDMC101 Introduction to Mass Communication 2    
2 PGDMC102 News Writing and Editing 2    
3 PGDMC103 Media and Audience 2    
4 PGDMC104 News Reporting I
 PGDMC105 Audio/Video Production
 PGDMC106 Final Project
Semester 2
SrNo. Course Code Course Title Cr.Hrs Pre-requisite Course- 1 Pre-requisite Course- 2
1 PGDMC201 Mass Communication Theories 2
2 PGDMC202 News Writing and Editing II 2
3 PGDMC203 News and Current Affairs Production
4 PGDMC204 News Reporting II
5 PGDMC205 Broadcast Media
6 PGDMC206 Final Project