With the broadening of modern communications media, the world has come together as a global community sharing thoughts and ideas like never before thus making it increasingly important for nations to represent their culture and identity through effective media content.

Field of Media & Communications in Pakistan has grown into a recognized field of study with focus on acquiring skills for strategic and critical thinking,  communications, and different forms of production. Due to the immense potential in this evolving field there is also the need of highly skilled and motivated individuals who can address the questions presented by different mass media from broadcast and  print to new media as well as cinema and theatre.

To create a talent pool of  socially oriented and  professionally aware creative media practitioners who will  serve as the change agents  in areas of their professional  calling; individuals who, as  much by their personal  virtue  as their acquired professional  skills scale new heights,  create new frontiers and set  new benchmarks,  advancing  the state of their art and  contribute to the betterment  of society.